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橋村豊" terrestrial "


橋村 豊

産業革命以降、人々の欲は止まることなく開発を進めた、その結果として温室効果ガスの二酸化炭素が増加した。二酸化炭素と温暖化の関係を疑問視する声はあるが増加 とともに気温が上昇していることは事実である。

Yutaka Hashimura

For some years the term “global warming” has become increasingly prominent, and I have been seeing - and occasionally encountering - more and more of the apparent effects of this phenomenon in various disasters worldwide, including abnormal temperatures, storm and flood damage, and forest fires.

My first direct exposure to the effects of global warming came in 2012, when I heard from locals on Hachijō-jima that they had been unable to collect Gelidiaceae due to the effects of global warming, despite having had no problems harvesting this algae up to that point.

I was aware of the effects of global warming before then, but I was shocked to learn that the impact was starting to be felt locally within Japan.

Since then, Japan has been experiencing more and more natural disasters, including typhoons and powerful storms on an unprecedented scale.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, human greed has continued to push forward development, resulting in increased output of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.
There are still some who voice doubts about carbon dioxide and global warming, but it is a fact that temperatures are increasing as the output of greenhouses gases increases. And increasing air temperatures are also causing sea surface temperatures to increase, which in turn threatens the very existence of plankton, a lifeform that absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Without plankton, life on the ground will also be in danger of extinction.
It is time for us to recognize that our existence is dependent on the living beings and physical phenomena around us. My intention is to continue finding and photographing the open seams of the ground through field work

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